Transformation: Dusk



Only available in France

Acrylic on canvas
80cm x 100cm

I’m often intrigued by people’s preference for dawn or dusk. Being the avid reader of a person’s personality, I likened those who enjoy dawn as conscientious, goal oriented and purposeful, and the rest who bask in the glorious dusk as melancholic, sentimental and empaths.

Sitting in my living room in Brittany, France, I’ve had many occasions to take in the dusk skyline, and the temperamental way in which Mother Nature paints it – always different and slightly more beautiful everyday.

Je suis souvent intrigué par la préférence des gens pour l’aube ou le crépuscule. En tant que lecteur avide de la personnalité d’une personne, j’ai comparé ceux qui aiment l’aube à ceux qui sont consciencieux, orientés vers un objectif et déterminés, et les autres qui se prélassent dans le crépuscule glorieux comme mélancoliques, sentimentaux et empathiques.

Assis dans mon salon en Bretagne, en France, j’ai eu de nombreuses occasions d’admirer la ligne d’horizon au crépuscule et la manière capricieuse dont Mère Nature la peint – toujours différente et légèrement plus belle chaque jour.

About the ‘Transformation’ collection

Inspired by the journey of transformation and renewal, I first started working on this collection whilst on a sabbatical in Brittany, France. In the ‘Transformation’ collection, I play on creating water colour textures with acrylics, and allow the colours and textures on the canvas to speak for themselves. I start each piece in the collection not knowing how the final product will look, and the organic creation process is in itself a journey of transformation for the canvas and acrylics.

Each piece in the collection represents a different transformation story, and I hope it resonates with your own personal journey, and the story that you represent.